andrew mcmahon of jack's mannequin and something corporate

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© welcome to andrewphotos *

andrewphotos is a community for sharing photos of andrew mcmahon, of the bands something corporate and jack's mannequin.

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© anyone can join the group.

© all members can post.

© for the time being, posts are unmoderated and will stay that way unless it becomes necessary to moderate them.

© be respectful of other members. if you are not, you will be banned.

♥ rules

* all posts should contain either: 1) photos of andrew mcmahon and/or jack's mannequin and/or something corporate; 2) a request for (a) specific photo(s) of andrew / JM / SoCo; 3)icons and/or graphics of andrew mcmahon and/or jack's mannequin/something corporate.

* you can post/request any type of photos - promos, live shots, screencaps, etc.

* if your post contains more than one photo or if your photo is large, please place it under a livejournal cut. (if you don't know how to do that, please check the LJ FAQ.)

* you may promote other communities IF they are related to andrew, jack's mannequin, and/or something corporate.

* do not take anyone's personal photos without permission.

* when using graphics or icons that someone else made, please credit them.